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Don't call me

In case you didn't see it in the Globe today, the state of Massachusetts has launched its "Do Not Call" registry, which "allows residents to block telemarketing calls to their homes..."

Mass. Residents can sign up until March 1 using a Web site, or by telephone, (866) 231-2255, or through the mail at PO Box 1348, Boston, MA 02117.

The article also says:

Under the new law, which takes effect April 1, telemarketing firms that fail to register or that call consumers on the lit will face penalties of $5,500 per violation. Calls from nonprofit and political organizations are exempted.

Also, a friend sent this "beep", which he claims if you record as the first thing on your answering machine, will make the telemarketing auto-dial machines hang up (and maybe even delete your phone from their list). This is what the Telezapper (as seen on TV, before midnight tonight) does.

Download file

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