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iPhone, therefore iAm

So, I got one. (Did you think I wouldn’t?)

My justification: I wanted a new iPod, because it is too hard to find your place in an audio book on a shuffle. And I don’t want to have to carry an iPod and a cell phone.

I love it.

I love the fact that I can be driving, listening to my iPod, and ‘seamlessly’ transition to a phone call and back. I love how easy it is to manage ‘call interupting’. I thought I would never use the camera, but since I can email pix, and for free, it turns out I do. We got lost on a bike ride the other day and maps saved our butt.

My wishes:

  1. Merged inbox. Too painful to visit each of my (4) email accounts
  2. Threads. I am so used to them in Apple Mail, I get lost without them.
  3. Real IM, not this dumb-ass SMS impostor
  4. GPS. Don’t cell phones have to have GPS for 911? Why can it not tell me where I am on the map?
  5. .local addresses. Why should it not understand Bonjour?