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If authors were horses...

But since they are not, they are exploring ‘novel’ funding techniques. Why not try this experiment: pledge $1 towards the completion of John Sundman’s novel. With the power of the inter-toobs, he should easily be able to reach his goal!

I’m looking for your financial support so that I can finish writing my fourth novel, Creation Science, and publish it.

Creation Science

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I'm replacing all the wall outlets in my house with USB jacks...

This hint made me realize the answer to Martha Stewart’s problem! USB is the universal power supply. Who needs 110v? 5v suits me just fine…

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Lighter than Air?

Who needs a MacBook Air? Well, I would sure love one as my ultra-portable. But, what if I could just add an external keyboard (and display? via an A/V cable)?

BTKeyMini arrives this March, it will work with the iPhone

Macworld | Editors’ Notes | Expo Notes: A Bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone?

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USBluetooth Hub?

So, if Bluetooth is effectively wireless USB, and I have all these wired USB peripherals, and a Bluetooth-capable laptop, why has noone made a USB hub that I can plug all those peripherals into, that will wirelessly connect them all to my laptop?

What am I missing?

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