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Conspiracy in Action

See the "controversial" ad that CBS has censored: Democracy in Action

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Criminals for hire

Some 20 teens sued by the Recording Industry Association of America, which accuses them of unauthorized downloads, will appear in a Pepsi-Cola ad

She'll use some of her undisclosed ad fee to help pay for the settlement. - Pepsi ads wink at music downloading
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New England clam fryer adopts laszlo blogbox series

Guess we'll need to have a Laszlo luncheon soon at Charlie's Too!

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Try one, get one free

The latest Laszlo Release, LPS 2.0p DE, is freely downloadable and serves up to two simultaneous client connections.

Laszlo - Downloads

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The New Blacklist?

A federal agency confirms that it maintains an air-travel blacklist of 1,000 people. Peace activists and civil libertarians fear they're on it. News | Grounded

[Many Hollywood careers were ruined by an earlier blacklist: Hollywood Blacklisting]

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