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Sony bad

Settle up with Sony BMG

If you recently bought any CD's from Sony/BMG and tried to play them on your computer, they probably owe you money. Click on the banner to find out more.

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Pizza, Beer, and AJAX 16 March 2006

Crowd at Meetup

We had a meetup at Cell Space in San Francisco on 16 March (see the pictures on, right). Lots of free (as in beer) beer and pizza. And lots of participation. Max gave a demo of our new DHTML delivery (Look Ma, No Flash). Antun showed rapid development in LZX, and six developers showed how they are using OpenLaszlo in their products: Pandora, Gliffy, Homebase, SimFaux, FireTrust, and Mazarin.

The highlight of the night for me was, after Max showed the LZPIX demo — same source running identically in both Flash and DHTML, a member of the audience commented: “Thank you Max, for saving the world.”

We hope so!

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