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Royale FUD1

Macromedia's Royale promises to be, someday, everything that Laszlo Systems2 is today.

LZX is an object-oriented programming language expressed in XML and Javascript. Application source files are text-based, meaning they can be managed by any IDE and source control system, and projects can easily be developed by teams.

The Laszlo foundation classes are a suite of UI objects and behaviors providing a substrate for rich internet apps, including back-end database connectivity.

The Laszlo presentation server is a JRE servlet that is deployed on a J2EE application server. The presentation server compiles your LZX source to SWF so your application can be delivered to any platform where the Flash player is present (5.0 player or better).

Laszlo lets you build desktop-level power into applications that can run in any web browser.

1. FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. A Marketing technique originated by IBM, perfected by Microsoft, and now employed widely to stifle innovation by sowing rumors when you don't have a competitive product.

2. Yes, I work for Laszlo, so I might be a little bit biased. Decide for yourself. Check out the demos, download the free developer version. Give it a try.

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