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Artists fascinate me

I heard The Valleys in the Expresso Royale by BU. I asked the barista what the album was and she told me it was Electrelane. Bought the album, but couldn’t understand the words. Found the lyrics on line; but the lyrics are really a poem by Siegfried Sassoon, rearranged and sung by a 12-person choir.

The Power Out
Robert, when I drowse to-night,
Skirting lawns of sleep to chase
Shifting dreams in mazy light,
Somewhere then I'll see your face
Turning back to bid me follow
Where I wag my arms and hollo,
Over hedges hasting after
Crooked smile and baffling laughter.
Running tireless, floating, leaping,
Down your web-hung woods and valleys,
Garden glooms and hornbeam alleys,
Where the glowworm stars are peeping,
Till I find you, quiet as stone
On a hill-top all alone,
Staring outward, gravely pondering
Jumbled leagues of hillock-wandering.

“A Letter Home” from The Old Huntsman and Other Poems, Siegfried Sassoon, 1918

How do they think this stuff up?

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